Beginning the end of homelessness


Homeless people writing out of the margins

StreetWrites is a workshop for homeless and low-income writers which I started in 1995, and which has been sponsored by Real Change since 1997. In that seven years we've had a lot of folks do a lot of writing, and I've put up pages for many of them -- not all, because I couldn't keep up, but a lot of pages. There is no longer room on the Real Change domain for the older pages, but I don't want to see them lost -- so here they are.

These 21 people aren't all those to come through StreetWrites, by any means: that's more like 600. These are just the ones that sat down with me long enough to work out a web page, or who gave me permission to do it myself. :-)


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Everything posted here is by permission of the author, who retains all rights. If you would like to use or reprint any item, you must get permission from the author, not from me. If a contact address is not listed on their web page, you can contact them through Real Change.

What is the cause oof homelessness?