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Annual Art Sale
December 7-8th, 2002
11am to 8pm

folk art, fine art
jewelry & crafts!

100% of each sale
goes directly to the artist!

For more info call (206) 956-8046

A Unique Perspective

StreetLife Gallery is a self-managed, artist-run cooperative for artists who are low-income or homeless. The gallery has space for artists to create, display and sell their work.

The aim of the gallery is to provide a community which nurtures creativity. Artists engage in a variety of media, including woodworking, painting, drawing, sculpting, and beadwork. There are community and individual work and display spaces, from which members can show and sell their work. All proceeds from sales go directly to the artist; the gallery does not charge a commission.

Please visit our online gallery where you can learn more about the gallery, some of our members and their artwork.

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