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All of StreetWrites poetry is survivor's poetry. But this page is dedicated to a particular theme: surviving abuse.

Please take care of yourself.

Some of the content on this page may be triggering to survivors of abuse. Know what you are able to handle right now, and don't push yourself past that. You have a whole lifetime ahead of you. Give yourself time to heal.

Yes, the homeless and other low-power citizens suffer a lot of abuse -- economic abuse, injustice, miserable clerks at the welfare office -- but this page collects our poetry about the abuse that cut closest to the bone, the abuse at home. From a father making sex-jokes to his daughter whenever he got drunk to a mother who rammed objects up her infant son's anus whenever she got angry; from a wife whose "helpful advice" made you want to shrivel up and die to a husband who broke your arm three times; there is a wide variety of torment in our homes, in our history, in our souls.

In creativity is our heart and our strength. Life isn't what happens to you; life is what you create for yourself -- and here are some of the people who have begun transforming what has happened to them into new visions.


* Blue Willow by Elizabeth Romero
* Gloria in Excelsis Deo by Wes Browning
* My Grandfather's Eye by Anitra Freeman
* I can't douche enough by Storm
* The Homeless Women's Prayer by Storm
* Father's Day, 1996 by Anitra Freeman
* This is where it begins... by Madeline Lewis
* Survivors by Anitra Freeman
* Buffalo Dreams by Cynthia Ozimek
*My Blood by Marion Sue Fischer
*Ria's Poems -- Ria Strong, our Australian contingent


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If you are homeless or low-income, you can subscribe to StreetWrites online at Yahoo Groups. Because this is a list of people with specific common experiences, who are very open with each other onlist, I will ask you some questions before approving your subscription. Please respond to my email. If you do not respond, I cannot approve your subscription.

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