StreetWrites Workshop for Writing Out of the Margins
  Building Blocks
Some exercise with the basic writing tools: words, sentences, paragraphs.
  General Grammar Gripes
Lay/Lie, Sit/Set
Pesky Participles
Basic prose: "an attempt at words."
  Finding a Point of View
One of the basic techniques of fiction is point of view (POV). "Who's telling this story?" Point of view is used in poetry, also, and in non-fiction writing. The different types of POV are defined, with examples from popular fiction, and set exercises for practicing each of them.
  Being Conflicted
Character and conflict both generate a story. How do you create a conflict?
  Setting the Hook
A large number of people pick books by the first paragraph. How do you hook them?
  Details, Details
The Devil is in the details ... and so is everything else.
  Believable Dialogue
Would anyone really talk like that?
  A Rewrite Exercise
An example of how not to write an opening paragraph -- and a chance to try writing it better.
  I Remember ...
Speedwrite through loaded memories and "keep the drama on the page."
Some questions to ask yourself about artistic control -- before a problem comes up.
  A Writer's Responsibility
Just how much are we responsible for the effect of our writing?
  Working It
Just some of the many ways of working on writing.
  The Art of the Non-Sequitur
There's a little more to it than dashing about trying to lose your reader among the cabbages. Besides, we will always have Paris.
  An Assault on the Gardener
By © Dr. Wes Browning; exercise with sound and nonsense by adding to the Gardener's Song.
  The Twist
The basic joke sequence: set the audience up and give them something unexpected.
  Follow that Thought!
Develop your wit by finding absurd implications in daily things usually taken for granted. It isn't all that hard.
Creativity is making connections between things not usually connected. So is humor.
The greatest humor secret ever revealed.
Might be useful.
  Stuff and Nonsense
Harness the power of playing silly-buggers to run rings around writer's block.
  Parody, Satire and Rant, Oh My!

  StreetWrites Sampler
Writing from StreetWrites members.
  The Unicorn Pen
Poetry, fiction, essays and humor from StreetWrites, others, and you -- post your own.
  Poetry Exercises
From the Muse Kalliope -- by way of Anitra Freeman.
  Writing Resources
Books and Links from the Muses Thalia & Kalliope.

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