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     "I got so mad, I plumb forgot to kill him." Louis L'Amour
     In the new millennium, somebody famous will die. Prediction by Anitra L. Freeman, you read it here first!
     In the new millennium, there will be a new Star Wars movie. Prediction by © Dr. Wes Browning, you read it here first!
     What with the Apocalypse and all, I really needed a manicure.

From A Glossary of Literary Terms by Robert Harris:
Understatement. Expressing an idea with less emphasis or in a lesser degree than is the actual case. The opposite of hyperbole. Understatement is employed for ironic emphasis. Example:

  • Last week I saw a woman flay'd, and you will hardly believe how much it altered her person for the worse. —Jonathan Swift

Like irony, understatement conveys a reality different from and usually opposite to appearance or expectation. Understatement may be verbal or situational. When a man comes home to find his wife being chased around the living room by a hockey-masked madman wielding an axe and the man asks, "Shall I fix my own dinner then, dear?" that is a form of understatement.


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