StreetWrites Writing Workshop What Is a Webring?

A webring is a way of linking a series of similar sites to make it easier to travel between them. Instead of a "Links Page" that the user has to keep clicking back to -- and that the site owner has to keep maintaining -- each site in the webring has a small block of standard code with links like "Next" and "Previous". The software at keeps track of who is where in the ring.

What Is the StreetWrites Webring?

The StreetWrites webring links the major content pages of the StreetWrites website and the home pages of all of the workshop members who have websites, giving visitors a chance to browse our offerings in the easiest way available -- and making it easier for NetMama Anitra to do maintenance!

To Join the StreetWrites Webring

If Anitra is maintaining a webpage for you, it's been added to the ring!

If you are maintaining your own webpage, click the "Join" link at the end of all this explanation. Please read all this explanation first. :)

When you press the "Join" link you will be taken to a form to fill out :

-> JOIN <-

If you are not currently a member of Webring, you must join before filling out the form. Membership is free. Webring does not spam you. And as a member, you can create or join any number of rings and manage them all from one center.

You will be sent an email containing the code you need to install on your page to be an active part of the ring. This will initially display a link to the ring hub page with the message "Pending." If, after reviewing your site, I add it to the ring, this will change to display the full set of ring navigation code. If for any reason I deny your application, the link to the StreetWrites ring will simply disappear.

If you have not installed the ring navigation code on your webpage before I add you to the ring, your page will remain in "suspended" status until you do. You will not be getting traffic from the ring until visitors can navigate through your page to the rest of the ring. Fair 'nuff?

Some members, especially those who use AOL, may find it easier to get the webring navigation code off the web. If you need the Javascript code for the navbar:

Lynx (text-only) and some older graphic browsers, however, cannot use Javascript. For this reason, I used to ask members to use HTML code in addition to, or instead of, the Javascript code. However, has remembered the NOSCRIPT tag. Browsers that cannot use Javacript will, instead, use everything between the NOSCRIPT and the /NOSCRIPT tags.

The current coding between those two tags provides a link to a page that will display all your navbars. If you want to display the navbars directly on the current page, you can use the HTML version of the navbar.

To get the HTML navbar, follow the above steps, but when you get to the page displaying the SSNB code, scroll to the bottom and click the word "here" at the end of the sentence "Members who wish to use the HTML version of this nav bar should go here."

If you use the Javascript code, the navbar for each new webring you join will automagically appear in the "stack" and if Webring or I make any changes to the ring code, they will be also appear automagically. If you use the HTML form, you will have to manually insert the HTML navbar for each new ring, and change it yourself if there are any changes to the code.

You can find additional help at my Webring Management page.

New to webrings and want more information? See My First Ring.

Maintaining Your Site in the Ring

The Webring magic cannot work without you. You are the only one who can keep your site information current. If you move your page, change your email address, or make other updates that affect navigation and communication in the ring, you are responsible for logging in to Webring and updating your information.

Site ID#:  

If you are using the Javascript code, any changes I make to the webring navigation bar will be automagically reflected on your page. If you choose use the HTML option, you are responsible for updating your page if the ring navbar changes.

For Older Members

Webring has been through three generations since the StreetWrites ring began:, Yahoo Webring, and now You cannot edit your membership information or get new webring code unless you have an ID on the new system and have your webring membership associated with it.

Signing up at does not require telling them extensive personal detail, like signing up with Yahoo did, and they do not spam you. Begin creating your new Webring account at The only personal information they need is an email account to reach you at and a birthdate to verify that you are over 18. Please enter a real email account that you check regularly, or this account is useless. You can make up a birthday, but make sure you make yourself over 18 or you won't be allowed to join this webring, or any other.

Now go to and enter the ring ID stwri and the site ID from the old ring code on your page. (Look for "id=x".) Try to remember your old password. If you don't remember it, guess and click "Associate Site" anyway -- it'll probably work.

Now you can go to Your Ring Sites at and you will see the name of your site right there beside StreetWrites! Click on your site title and you can edit your site information, if it needs updating. From that Edit screen, click on Get Navigation Code and you can get the pretty new navbar for the ring!

Or tour the webring:
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