LIST:  StreetWrites Online Workshop

This is the online workshop of StreetWrites, a peer support program for homeless and low-income writers. Our goals are:
  • To help each other become better writers.
  • To help each other get published, and get published more widely.
  • To increase the voice of the marginalized and break down stereotypes.
Subscription to the StreetWrites workshop is open to all homeless or low-income writers, including formerly homeless/low-income folks and people who want to be writers. The shared background of surviving at poverty level and experience of homelessness is essential to the mission of the list; if you do not share this background, I would be glad to help you find another workshop list. The workshop is informal and often consists of more conversation about life experiences than it does of writing exercise and critique. If you are looking for a more structured workshop, I would be glad to refer you to a number of excellent ones. If you are excited by the idea of a round-robin one word at a time science fiction story beginning "Once when we teleported back too many emus" ... you may enjoy StreetWrites. This is also an activist group, and we often post political discussion and calls to action on activist issues; please decide if that would make you uncomfortable before joining the list.

Other online workshop lists you may be interested in are listed at Anitra's resource site.

Topics discussed on the StreetWrites list have included:
  • Posting a written work for feedback and critique; written work of all kinds, poems, stories, essays, articles, sections of a novel...
  • Posting a publication opportunity.
  • Posting a writing exercise.
  • Talking about life experiences.
  • Trading jokes.
  • Discussing cars.
  • Posting calls to action on activist issues.
  • Discussing political issues; discussing how to write most effectively on political issues.
  • Organizational information for the local Seattle StreetWrites workshop; meetings, events, etc.
  • We put on shows and publish a magazine; all members may contribute material to be included.
  • No spam.
  • No flames. We are all strong personalities with strong opinions who like to talk about them -- or we wouldn't be writers. We are also adults who are attempting to educate and persuade other adults. If you are not able to listen to others and to phrase your own arguments constructively you will not be considered a contributing member of the list.
        We have a variety of people in StreetWrites, of different cultural backgrounds, religions and sexual orientations. We do not tolerate diversity; we celebrate it. Celebrating diversity and building community among diverse peoples is central to our mission. If you are uncomfortable hearing someone speak openly about a religious life different than yours, or a sexual life different than yours, you have two options: join StreetWrites and grow beyond that, or don't join StreetWrites.
  • Subject warnings: We do not want to censor each other, but some members may not be ready to discuss all topics, including violence and sexual abuse. If you are posting something which common sense indicates may be disturbing to some members, we ask you to put a warning header on your post.
  • This is a closed and moderated list. No one can post to the list or read the archives who is not a subscriber. All subscriptions are approved by the list administrator, Anitra Freeman. I will be monitoring the list. The first violation of list policies gets a private warning, off-list. The second violation gets a public warning, on-list. The third violation gets unsubscribed.
LIST ADMINISTRATOR: Anitra L. Freeman <>
For more information about Anitra Freeman, see her website.   Warning: it's a big web!

You can find more information on mailing lists, StreetWrites and related issues at the following sites:
  • Netiquette: Rules of the road on the Information Highway.
  • Email: Basic instruction in reading, sending and replying to email, including The Most Important Thing: make sure your delete key works!
  • Viruses & Chain Mail: What to do the minute you get a letter that says "forward this to everyone you know".
  • Spamming: Please do not reply to spam, let me handle it. Here's why.
  • StreetWrites webpage.
  • Members have often had webpage bios and samples of their writing published on the StreetWrites site. Archives of the older pages are still available at Anitra's Homelessness 'Zine.
  • Any member page, wherever it is hosted, can join the StreetWrites webring.
  • Workshop member or not, check out NASNA, the North American Street Newspaper Association, for some of the places you can send your writing when you are ready for publication.
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These links and calendar dates can be read by both StreetWrites members and the general public, so this is another way to publicize your home page and events.

The following options can be read by other members only:
  • post and download files;
  • post whatever information you want to share about yourself and read about other members;
  • create and vote in polls;
  • create and add to databases. The current databases are:
    1. Contact information
    2. a list FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions and their answers)
    3. Sources for writing topics and exercises
ONLINE CHAT is available, if you like online chat, at the StreetWrites group page. You are expected to be respectful of others in the chat room as well as on the list.
WEB RING: All members of the local and the online StreetWrites group can join the StreetWrites webring. A webring is a way of linking websites together so that one visitor can easily tour more of them. See our webring page for more details.