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I grew up in a family where reading and writing were considered normal human activities, and everyone did a lot of both. Poems, stories, letters, editorials -- people wrote. A lot of terrible things happened -- and we wrote. A lot of wonderful things happened -- and we wrote. It was how we survived.

In creativity is our heart and our strength.

I have lost a lot of writing over the years. I've lost a lot else, in the cyclones of bipolar cycles and the fogs of depression. But I kept reading. I kept writing. I kept surviving. And since 1995, with the help of some good doctors (like Dr. Mary van Bronkhorst at Country Doctor in Seattle, Hi Mary!) I've begun making progress in keeping track of my writing. And a few other things.

These are some of the pages from my journey.

And in all that time writing, I have assembled a fair amount of resources and ejoyed passing them on freely. I now teach classes in writing, computer skills, desktop publishing and webpage publishing, on- and off-line. Or, to more accurately describe it, get people together in workshops, give them some tools, and join in the fun.

I hope you have fun here.

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