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There are many writers webrings listed at Webring, RingSurf and other hosts. These are the ones that Anitra and/or StreetWrites have chosen to join, on the criteria of quality, amount of traffic, number and variety of members, and additional member services.

Updated January 29, 2002 to reflect changes at Webring. Webring and RingSurf remain my favorite ring systems: they have the servers to handle high traffic, and they provide ring & site promotion by directories and search engines.

There are many new rings I have joined or adopted. I will list them here after I know more about them from personal experience.

Poetry Webring || Home || List || StreetWrites' Poetry Webring Page
A well-established community of poetry, with thousands of sites. Not accepting new members at this time, but wonderful browsing. Visit the home page for an open forum, a webzine, and more.
Writers Realm || Home || List || StreetWrites' Writers Realm Page
Not just a webring; a cooperative venture to pool links and resources and help each other out.
Fantasy Ring || Home || List || Anitra's Fantasy Ring Page
Writing, art, games, and just plain fandom -- a splendid variety of quality stuff.
Pendragon Fantasy Ring || Home || List || Anitra's Fantasy Ring Page
Writing, art, games, and just plain fandom — a splendid variety of quality stuff. Ring owner regularly recognizes outstanding sites with special awards.
Writers Ring || Home || List || Anitra's Writers Ring Page
The Writers Ring has grown out of the Writers workshop list, and includes other quality sites we can't resist.
Female Authors of the Web || Home || List || Anitra's Female Authors Page
This ring was created to highlight the "hidden stories," women who have created something inspirational on the web. I am proud to be included in such a grouping.
AAS Writers Promotion Ring || Home || List || Anitra's AAS Page
& Amazing Authors Showcase || Home || List || Anitra's Showcase Page
Part of a non-profit team effort to promote new writers. Check out The Amazing Author Showcase E-Zine
Writingchat Webring || Home || List || This is my Writingchat Webring Page
This one is for FUN! The WritingChat Coffeehouse is an email hangout for writers "after the workshop."
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The rec.arts.poems FAQ

A truly interactive poetry site that allows poets to publish and control a sample of their own poetry on the web.
Mike Barker's WRITERS at MIT
This site has posted much of the references, writing exercises, contest-winning stories and other treasures compiled from the Writers list, plus subscription info. Also check out the new Writers Webring linking member sites from the Writers list.
workshop list.
The Critters Writers Workshop
for sf and fantasy writers.

A list for aspiring fiction writers who have drafted a novel of at least 60,000 words. NovelDoc's 20 "rooms" are available for its Novel Clinics and Critique Circles to meet in private and give feedback. Primers, tips, and talk are also available. Guidelines and application are at http://home.earthlink.net/~jilla1/noveldoc
Excellent. (I'm prejudiced: I'm a graduate of Jilla's previous workshop, Writelab.)
A poetry workshop modeled after Writelab, but open-ended; it offers exercises on elements of poetry, which you can get feedback on from the group. You also practice by giving feedback to others.
Workshop for homeless and low-income writers.
Alien Flower
A web-based poetry workshop.
Del Rey Workshop for SF & F
Web-based workshop for fantasy & science fiction. You earn credits for doing critiques; for each two critiques you post, you can an item of your own for critique.
Hatrack River Writers Workshop
Web-based writers workshop, divided into groups of four to five writers who take turns submitting work. All forms included: prose, poetry, sf/fantasy, mainstream, etc.

I have no personal experience with the following, but they are highly recommended:

The Scroll
Cool web-based poetry workshop with lots of resources, including online dictionary and thesaurus.
A Writer's Web
Extensive writer's resources, including a workshop.
Bard's Ink
Canadian writers, working in all forms.

And to relax...

"Happy un-Workshop to You" ... this is "a coffeeshop where writers go to hang out after the workshop."

The following are email-list-only workshops: they have no web pages

Crewrt: Creativity in Education
A small amount of original poetry; good literary criticism of what is submitted. Basically, an email list of college professors in the literary field. If you enjoy week-long discussions of metafiction and literary criticism, you'll be ecstatic. If you don't, you will fall out of your chair in boredom.
Send the message subscribe crewrt-l to listserv@lists.missouri.edu
Erotica: Erotic writing workshop
Both poetry and prose is submitted and critiqued; market and contest information is also frequently posted. Most critique is very thorough and professional. There have been a few upsets on-list, but the membership is generally mature and behaves maturely.
Send the message subscribe erotica to majordomo@cyberca.com
Humorist: Humor writing workshop
With a number of published columnists on board, this is an excellent place to get feedback if you want to get serious about doing humor.
To subscribe send the message subscribe humorist to majordomo@nix.kconline.com
To subscribe send the message subscribe Fantasy Your Name to listserv@chaosmanor.com

Other Listings

The web-guide magazine Mining Company and veteran poetry workshopper Pamelyn Casto have also compiled excellent guides to online workshops.
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