My very first webpage began, "Home is where the heart is. These are the projects where I live." It contained one-page summaries of StreetWrites, StreetLife Gallery, SHARE, WHEEL — each of which has grown into its own sizable website (most are offline being updated.)w

I still have many enthusiasms, I write about them all, and I put it all up on websites.

Every now and then, a visitor asks to know about me: what was my personal experience with homelessness, with bipolar disorder, with childhood sexual abuse; how do I live now; what's a "day in the life of Anitra" like; where did I get that name anyway? They even want to see photos. Some of them want to know if I'm married, and what I'm doing Saturday night.

       So here's All About Anitra
       And yes, I'm married. And Saturday night he'll probably be watching Mad TV,
       and I'll be updating my website.

A person is ... formed in childhood.

The Good The Bad and The Funny

Raising Readers
Raising Writers
Raising Activists
Raising Tolerance
Imperfect Families

Early bipolar disorder
Childhood sexual abuse
Mental illness in the family
The impoverished middle class

Pet stories

A person is ... your life history.

My American Experience What Is Family? "What Is It Like to Be Homeless?"

A person is ... who you love.

Family Friends Lovers Heroes

A person is ... what you love.

Passions Pleasures Pastimes

A person is ... what you do.

Projects A Day in the Life Writing

A person is ... what you eat.

Food Books

A person is ... the company you keep.


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