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I've enjoyed being named Anitra, but for 48 years I never met another Anitra personally. Since I have been on the Internet, I have virtually met an increasing number. I have created the Anitra webring purely for fun, to link up with my fellow Anitras in electronic Dance.

A webring is an automated way of linking similar sites so that the links are easy to maintain and to navigate.

The Anitra webring is open to anyone named Anitra who has a website. If you are named Anitra but don't have a website, or don't want to join a webring, you can add whatever information you are willing to share to our Anitra List.

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The only qualifications to join the Anitra webring are to be named Anitra, and to be able and willing to display a standard set of webring code (like the above) on a webpage in your own site, linked to some information about you or your interests.

If you want to join, fill out an information form about your site. This will build an entry in the webring directory, so that visitors can seach for your site by keyword, or read a description in the webring index list. The page address given on the form will be where webring send visitors to your site. It must be the page you will display the webring code on, or have an easily identifiable link to that page. If this address changes, please update your entry! The magic of webring cannot work without your help.

After you fill out this form, you will need to add navigtion code to your page. The code will become active after you are added to the ring. More detail about navigation code here. If you have any questions not covered, please email me.

The Anitra Ring is made possible by Webring.

Dance On!

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