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I have the best relationship of my life with Wes, yet I have written very little love poetry for him. I have written little love poetry, period, and what I've written has usually been after a relationship: "strong emotion remembered in tranquility" as Wordsworth says. I wanted to write more, though, besides my Valentine Haiku of 1998:

He sleeps on the office floor
while I read my email.
I need no Valentine.

It is getting easier, though. Some things I have written for, and about Wes:

And most recently:
Like a worn blue terrycloth bathrobe,
I wrap myself in the smell of your skin,
the soft touch, the flavors of flesh & soap & sweat,
and snuggle to sleep along the breathing curve of you.

Wes's Writing

I also created a site for Wes: © Dr. Wes Browning's Bad Art Show

Most Important

Wes is the only person at Real Change that Sid the Cat regards as an equal.

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