Notes of Zino's Story

Placeholder for photo of Zino In the crowd of birds at the store, it was easy for Wes to pick out Zino. He was off to one side, on his own, eccentric. He had soul.

They were together for nine years.

When Wes had an apartment, Zino had the freedom of the room. He chose to buzz Wes's head while he painted.

When Wes didn't have a room, Zino lived in the front window of Real Change.

He sang the sun up -- often our first notice of sunup, after having written through the night.

He sang the sun down --accompanying the radical Episcopelians of the Micah Community who held their Sunday evening service here.

Music played in the background all day long, and Zino chimed in on the high notes.

When Wes came in to feed him Zino hopped to the side of his cage and they talked together. Zino would do tricks: flip to the top of the cage, hang upside down, flip back to his perch. Say "Wow! Do it again!" and he would. Over and over again, for half an hour.

One of Wes's many bird paintings

If you live with love and creativity, with delight in life, even a small green singing finch can become a legend.


1989 - 1998

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