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Nothing about us without us! A web-group of mental health user/survivors, the MADNESS family, works for the rights of us all. "Nothing about us without us."

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I support free speech (blue ribbon)

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and I support responsible free speech

I also support Free Minds Online (the Q Ribbon read carefully and think for yourself. Before you believe anything you read, even from me, check out truth, lies, and the Internet on CNET.

AND I support the Red&Black Black Ribbon Campaign: what people value most about the Internet comes from its anarchistic character: the free exchange of information and ideas among people around the world, without the intervention of a governing body



Keep the candle burning until justice is achieved for all of God's lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered children.
Homosexuality and the Christian Church

Refugee and Immigrant Rights

    Our beloved fellow artist Miguel has already been deported to El Salvador, but I have learned from his experience the hypocrisy of the United States government's stand on human rights. I will do whatever I can to support human rights for immigrants and for all.

Lori Berenson needs your help!

    While condemning China's record on human rights, the U.S. continues to let a U.S. citizen suffer in Peruvian prison without fair trial. Please act now.

Former memberships (left for time-constraint reasons only)

  • Former Board Member of LIHI: Low Income Housing Institute
  • Former member of the Facilitators/Steering Committee of the Seattle Progressive Coalition
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- Against Domestic Violence


Stop Killing Our Children

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