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I appreciate every activist working to improve the environment, education, the health and well-being of children, and every other good cause in this world. We each have our work cut out for us. If we were all working on the same thing, though, the Earth would probably be three miles deep in whales. I can't personally take up every cause, so I focus on homelessness and related issues, like abuse of police authority, abuse of the civil rights of homeless people, institutionalized racism, and abuse "in the name of help" in the mental health system.

"Activism" is not a bad word. "I've been told, "You're not homeless -- you're just an activist." When I was homeless, and now when I'm formerly homeless (and still low-income) I take responsibility for myself and my community, and that means working to change what I see as injustice. An "activist" is someone who acts: someone who doesn't just feel that "things" should be different, or think that things should be different, or say that things should be different, but works to make them so.

We each have a vision of the world we want to live in. The people who put the most energy behind making their vision real get to live in it. That's activism.

I'll accept being called a left-wing radical, because I've come to support a lot of the things that my Daddy used to cuss out the left-wing radicals for when I was a kid.

  • It is the proper role of government to coordinate public resources and institutions so that every member of the society has equal access to wealth, power, communication and community participation.
  • It is the proper role of government to adjudicate between different ideas of what is right, just, and fair in the way people deal with each other, to try to be equitable to everyone.
  • It is not the proper role of government to intervene in any individual's private affairs to dictate what is personally moral or ethical.
  • None of this will ever be perfect. We can go a long way, however, before we run any danger of approaching perfection.

    I have certain stipulations, however:
  • I do not believe as an article of faith that Che Guevara was, in fact, the Messiah.
  • I do not care to have my life dictated by self-righteous socialists any more than I care to have my life dictated by corporations.
  • I believe that small businessmen and middle-class workers are my allies, not my enemies.
  • There is no truth that cannot be turned into a lie if you just take it seriously enough.
  • There is no lie that doesn't have a grain of truth in it. If you learn from your opponents and they don't learn from you, you're ahead.
  • A conscious idealogical framework is important. So is the human being in front of you. Neither should be sacrificed to the other — but if forced to choose, I'll care for the human being first.
  • The Right seems to believe that the height of moral crusade is to snipe at the Left — and so does the Left. I will not play.
  • I would rather dialogue with people who disagree with me than preach to the choir, or commiserate with each other about Them Bastards.
  • I cannot see the logic in saying "I insist on being treated with human dignity, you filthy capitalist / male chauvinist / Libertarian reactionary ... " etcetera. I treat everyone as an equal member of my community -- neither more nor less.
  • Don't sacrifice the good in pursuit of the perfect.
  • This also goes for your allies who don't agree with you 102%
  • I have been known to miss a demonstration in favor of teaching a class or building something.
  • I believe that activist flyers are one of the major threats to the Earth's trees and their disposal is probably a factor in global warming.
  • Just because somebody else made the mess doesn't mean you can't take the responsibility for cleaning it up.

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