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The Only Rules
  1. I will not alter entries in any way. However, I reserve the right to delete anything that would cause vast numbers of people not to read the rest of the entries on the board.
  2. Your work belongs to you, wherever you post it. I will not use or reprint anything posted here unless I contact you and find out how much chocolate you'll take.
  3. All that you post must be your own original work, or a work in public domain (really Old Good Old Stuff), or a work that you have explicitly been given permission to publish.
  4. Please send any critique by private email. Board posting is for original work only.
  5. The one exception to this: if you can name the source of a posting claimed to be in the public domain that's actually under copyright, you can post it and I'll send you Virtual Chocolate.
  6. No anonymous posting. If the work is yours, sign it and date it -- that protects your copyright. If the work is not yours, give the author's name and contact info if available -- honor the artist.
  7. If I am unable to verify an email address, I will remove that entry.

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