Fun with Graphics

You are welcome to use any of these graphics for free on a personal or non-profit web page. I do charge a license fee for commercial pages. Contact me


If you use my graphics unaltered, please post credit "Created by Anitra" with a link to /garden/

You are welcome to alter my graphics to suit your own design. If you do, please post "Created by (your name) with graphics from Anitra" and, please, also post a link to /garden/

If you want to have fun learning how to create graphics, please consider joining the Creator's Garden at Women of Strength and Inner Beauty.

Thank you. Enjoy!

"Winged Cat" bordered webpage
(black background)
Bordered webpage from Purple Blanket
by Jonathon Bowser
Textured webpage from Purple Blanket
by Jonathon Bowser
Framed "centerpiece" from Purple Blanket
by Jonathon Bowser
Bordered webpage set from The Bridge of Wings Where She Waits
by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law
Beads and feathers
"Sea Dreams" bordered webpage set from a photo at
Bordered webpage set from a photo of columbines at
"Soft Blue Knit" background tile "Soft Green Knit" background tile
"Kitchen Curtain" background tile with a view of Serenity Bay out your kitchen window Book Theme Graphics
Seattle & Puget Sound
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Holiday Cards
Plaques Globes
Gifts for Easter
or the spring holiday of your choice
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Rosegarden graphics are created by The Enchantress,
who is way farther ahead at this than I am.