A Bordered Background from
Jonathan Bowser's
"Purple Blanket"

Framed Lady with a Purple Blanket

There are several ways to place the body of your page to clear the border. I don't like to use a table to do it, because the entire content of a table has to load before the browser displays any of it. I think my border is pretty, but I don't think it's enough to entertain anyone for a minute or so while they wait for a lot of text, images, and/or other content to load.

I usually use <div> commands to position the content. For this page, I used
        <div style="position: absolute; top: 20px; left: 120px; width: 80%; visiblility: visible;">

Be sure to use a closing </div> just before the </body> tag.

I used Background Color=#CCCCCC; Text=#000000; Link=#000066; Active Link=FF0000; Visited Link=#330066; Hover=#0000CC.

I like this so much,used it for one of my Valentine Pages.

Place your mouse cursor over the graphic you want. On PC, click the right button; on Mac, click and hold. Choose "Save to disk" from the popup menu.

Mac users, click here for a copy of the background that you can download. It will open in a separate window: close that window to return here. PC users can right-click anywhere on the background to get a popup menu with the "Save background to disk" option.

From the Goddess Art of Jonathon Bowser

If you use these graphics, display this banner with them, or a text link to http://www.jonathonart.com/ "From the Goddess Art of Jonathon Bowser".

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A textured webpage background A larger framed centerpiece,
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