A Textured Background from
Jonathan Bowser's "Purple Blanket"

This page uses a lightly textured tile as a background, with "The Purple Blanket" etched into it as the right-hand column of a resizable table. This makes the image files a total of under 10K, so the page should load quickly. However, it also means that if you make your page longer than 600 pixels, you'll lose the effect. :-(

Background Color=#CCCCFF; Text=#000000; Link=#000066; Active Link=FF0000; Visited Link=#330066; Hover=#0000CC.

Place your mouse cursor over the graphic you want. On PC, click the right button; on Mac, click and hold. Choose "Save to disk" from the popup menu.

Mac users, click here for a copy of the background that you can download. It will open in a separate window: close that window to return here. PC users can right-click anywhere on the background to get a popup menu with the "Save background to disk" option.

A bordered webpage background A framed centerpiece,
redder tones
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From the Goddess Art of Jonathon Bowser

If you use these graphics, display this banner with them, or a text link to http://www.jonathonart.com/ "From the Goddess Art of Jonathon Bowser".

Please credit me and provide a link back to "Anitra's Garden of Graphics" at http://www.anitra.net/garden/ so that your friends can look for graphics here too. :-)