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I have begun this page to post some of the fun things I have been given from other sites, beginning with Marcie's Computer Hog (that I just had to have the moment I saw it!) and the Site Fights Blooming Baskets sent to me by WOSIB sister Marion and DBW Patrol Leader Dawn.

Marion's basket has bloomed and gone. Good thing I got another one! :-)

The Site Fights Blooming Baskets
Send a Blooming Basket!

And one from Jatona on October 16:

The Site Fights Blooming Baskets
In Appreciation for all you do!


Official Computer HogComputer Hog Available at My Pig Pen



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Rosegarden graphics are created by The Enchantress, who is way farther ahead at this than I am. I created the painting lady from Photograph stock art, and I created my name tag from scratch. I chose the theme of the sun coming up, because this is a garden, for growing things.

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