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I am always learning new ways to make graphics, as a member of the Creator's Garden of Women of Strength and Inner Beauty; the Group Leader of the Phoenix Rising Intermediate PSP Class; and on other Photoshop & PSP lists. Here I share what I've learned, what I've created, what I've found, and what I've been given.


Photoshop Users Magazine

I have been using Photoshop since 1996.
I am a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP). I do all the Photoshop work for several nonprofit publications, teach Photoshop at the Real Change MacWorkshop, and also do graphics for fun. :-) I am a member of several Photoshop e-groups.

Paint Shop Pro Users Group


In most of my online groups, though, I find more PSP users than Photoshop users. Offline I also find folks who would rather learn a less expensive and less complicated program to do their persoanl graphics. So I bought Virtual PC for my Mac and Paint Shop Pro 7, and joined and a whole raft of other e-groups. :-)


WOSIB Creators: Lace & Pearls Tutorial

I try new graphic designs every week with the WOSIB Creators group.
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Photoshop Tutorials

Fun with Graphics

Every week I find, and occasionally write, PSP tutorials for the Phoenix Intermediate PSP Class. I also collect resources and Tips & Tricks.


Phoenix Rising PSP Masters

I also do weekly PSP tutorials with the Phoenix Rising PSP Masters group.

Designs by Joy

I'm a member of Joy's Designer Tags tutorial list. Her site is a great source for tutorials and resources of all kinds!


I am a member of the Graphics committee on most of my online membership groups: Simply Enchanting Angels, Sisters Forever, Women with a Unique Soul, and Phoenix Rising. I am also addicted to making sig tags, charms, graphic quilts, webpage sets, globes ~ and anything else, once I learn how. :-)

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Rosegarden graphics are created by The Enchantress, who is way farther ahead at this than I am.

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