Anitra's Creator's Lessons
Beginner's Level

For the first month I was working through beginning lessons and trying to catch up with the class.   :-) Some of these things I have done before, but the tutorials have showed me much faster ways to do them. That's one of the things I had hoped for!

Starting with the "Ray of Light" tutorial I have been doing current exercises.

Fun with Bevels (Lessons 1-4) Windowframes (5) CD case cover (7) Lessons 6, 8, 9, 12 A webpage set I made from the Reflections lessons
Screen Captures (Lesson 10) Dreamcatcher (11) Beads & feathers left over Have some. :-) Advanced Lessons Fun stuff

Ray of Light
This is the graphic created in the "Ray of Light" exercise. I used the technique to create a personal graphic
Light Your Candle
for my Women of Strength and Inner Beauty Dedication Page.

Poetic Postcard

Created from a photo of Veranal Falls at,
using the technique in the Edge Effects tutorial.

Ronnie wrote an "Irish Blessing Arch" tutorial for PSP. I adapted it for Photoshop and posted the results on my Easter Gifts page Image Effects Using Channels Currently working on "Background Collage" three-week tutorial.

Garden Entry


Rosegarden graphics are created by The Enchantress, who is way farther ahead at this than I am.