Together is beautiful
Together Is Beautiful
art by Koh Jeong Soo

Women of Strength and Inner Beauty

I am 52 years old. When I was in grade school, I was the only female in the science club. I was the only girl my age who read science fiction.

By 1983, about half of the computer programmers I knew, and half the SF fans I knew (who weren't always the same people) were women. Quite a lot of the organizers at science fiction conventions seemed to be women.

When I got on the Internet, in November1995, enough of us were worried about the gender gap in computer and Internet use that a group of us here in Seattle, homeless and professional women together, started a Homeless Women's Network to help low-income women and youth get computers and access to the Net, learn computer and Internet skills, and be encouraged to use them.

In the meantime, groups of women came together on the Net to form powerful support networks. Moondance e-zine grew out of an email list of artistic and creative women, that I was a member of for a time. Phenomenal Women of the Web, which I joined in 1998, was started by one woman as a network of women with their own websites: it now includes an e-zine, webrings, on-line quilts and other collaborative projects, and more.

In 2002 I was looking for specialized graphics and came across WOSIB: Women of Strength and Inner Beauty. This Internet women's group has a graphics tutorial group, a webset creators group, celebrates each other's birthdays and other anniversaries, and gives each other support in times of trouble. "Shared sorrow is halved. Shared joy is doubled." - Spider Robinson

One of the things that I appreciate about homeless women's groups is a quality of unqualified acceptance, with little competition in makeup, grooming, clothes and jewelry. I find this atmosphere in WOSIB, too. Nobody knows, or seems to care, how much you weigh or when you last had your nails done. What does become obvious on the Net is your internal strength and internal beauty.

I am proud to have become a member of Women of Strength and Inner Beauty.

Light Your Candle

Proud member of Women of Strength and Inner Beauty since February 6,2002

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I am a member of the Garden of Creators, working on graphics I have just started making and collecting charm graphics and have joined the WOSIB Charm Club Gifts I have received (and some I've made) I joined DonnasSigTags and now I'm hooked on tags! Some day I'll slow down enough to get some posted here! :-)

Last Update June 6, 2002

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