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This Week's Tutorial:
Vector Shapes

Read Understanding Vectors vs. Rasters for background
For more detail, read A Node Editing Primer
Add to your shape library, if you wish
Read Creating Preset Shapes, including where to put your shapes
Then create your own vector drawing!

Any of the following are good vector exercises:
Ron's Shape Cat Tutorial, Parts 1 and 2
A Vector Hankie
Scarlett O'Hara's Victorian Love Seat
A 3D Shamrock
Christmas Onraments
Gingham Hearts
Coffee Cups
A Scroll
An Award Cup
A Vector Cheeseburger
Build a Bunny
Stained Glass (PSP6)
Create a Sweetheart Diner
or Bouquet
using both vector (this week's tutorial)
and raster (last week's tutorial) layers!
Donna's Quilted Appliques: another application of shapes, along with some exercise in Effects.

Happy Vectoring!

Let us see what you make!

Posted September 30 - Due October 6, 2002

The current week's link will change. Past week's links will be listed below, in case you want to review them, or catch up with something you missed.

September 23
Assembling a graphic in layers
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Tutorial announcements are also archived at the Yahoo Groups site.

Some tutorials will be written by Anitra. Most tutorials will be gathered from all over the web, wherever authors grant permission for their use.

You have until the following Sunday, one week, to create your graphic, following the tutorial.

Post your results to the list and show off! Be sure to post your graphic as a web-readable file (GIF or JPG) so that everyone can see it. Re-size your graphic to no more than pixels, and optimize it so that it takes the least possible file space while looking good. (We will have a tutorial on how to do this.) As a guideline, 300x300 graphics should be about 20kb to 35kb. Please send your graphics as attachments, instead of as in-line images inserted in the body of the post by copy-and-paste or by drag-and-drop. Not everyone can read the inline images.

If you cannot post your graphic to the list, you can share it by uploading it to the Graphics folder in the Photos section of the Yahoo groups page.

If you have any questions about the tutorial, or need tubes, fonts or any other tools to do what you want to do with the tutorial, ask on list. This way we can all share the learning!

If you need extra time to do a tutorial, or simply cannot do anything one week because of Life, just let us know. Send a post to and four different moderators will get it!


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