Pearls from Phoenix Rising Intermediate PSP Class

Netiquette Tips

These are general Netiquette principles that can increase your enjoyment of the list.

  1. Remember that in cyberspace no one can hear you scream. You can't hear anyone's voice; you can't see their face; you don't get normal clues about whether something is meant as a friendly remark or not. So imagine a friend's face on the screen, and give your list members the benefit of the doubt. :-)

  2. The list archive space at Yahoo is limited. So snip, snip, snip! When you reply to a post, include in your reply only as much of the original post as is essential to follow what you are talking about. You don't need to include all sig lines and all the Yahoo ads. :-)

  3. You don't always know what kind of system every other person on an email list has. Some have slow dialup connections and may pay for their net service by time connected or file size downloaded. Be considerate of your fellow list members; do not use stationery or large sig graphics, and limit the amount of wonderful "snags" you send in one day.

  4. Before you pass on a "snag", try doing a web search using the name of the file. Sometimes this will get you the home page of the original artist, and you can find out if they know that their art is being passed through email, and if they've given permission.

  5. Before you pass on a rumor, an appeal for help, or a virus warning, check it out at, a searchable archive of urban legends and net hoaxes. It is good to care — it is even better to care wisely.

  6. The best way to pass on a file, whether it is a graphic or a joke or a news story, is to post the link to the place you found it. You don't jam up your list member's mailboxes. Only the members who want to download the file will get it. You preserve the creator's rights by sending people to the source. And in the case of news stories, you help preserve the original news and keep it from getting bent out of shape in the rumor mill! :-)

  7. All members can add links, files, photos and calendar entries at the Yahoo Groups page. Please do! If you post tubes, fonts, and other graphics- to-share in Files, they can be downloaded by members any time, without using up anybody's mailbox space, or the list email archive space!

  8. As on all Phoenix Rising lists, it is expected that members will refrain from using remarks, language, or suggestions that are in bad taste, and there will be no derogatory or judgmental remarks tolerated. If you feel that a post or topic is inappropriate, write to the list owner at — all moderators will get the message, including Anitra, Ankhs, Tatianna and Tanya. No wrangling in the classroom. (insert schoolmarm smiley of your choice)

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Anitra, CL PhoenixIntermediatePSP


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