Pearls from Phoenix Rising Intermediate PSP Class

Phoenix Rising
Intermediate PSP Class:
Rules & Guidelines

The purpose of this list is to learn PSP — and to have fun doing it. Following are a few guidelines to help serve those purposes.

  1. You must respond to Roll Call each week, and do at least one tutorial every other week, unless you have made prior arrangements.

  2. Graphics created from tutorials are to be 250 x 250 pixels unless otherwise stated in the tutorial.

  3. As on all Phoenix Rising lists, it is expected that members will refrain from using remarks, language, or suggestions that are in bad taste, and there will be no derogatory or judgmental remarks tolerated. If you feel that a post or topic is inappropriate, write to the list owner at — all moderators will get the message, including Anitra, Ankhs, Tatianna and Tanya. No wrangling in the classroom. (insert schoolmarm smiley of your choice)

  4. Do not post chain letters or virus warnings to the list. Many "virus warnings" are themselves viruses — they force you to send virus warnings to everyone you know! If you think that a warning is serious, please send it to the list owner at — all moderators will get the message, including Anitra, Ankhs, Tatianna and Tanya.

  5. Do not use stationery in list mail. It takes a lot of file space and a lot of time to download, and not all email programs can read it. Use stationery between friends, when you know they can handle it.

  6. All members must have a Yahoo profile. This is Yahoo's policy, and not having profiles could get the list shut down, so if you have not created a profile within one week of joining the list you may be unsubscribed. If you need any help creating a Yahoo profile, write to

  7. You can choose the mail option that you want. If you choose No Mail, it is your responsibility to check the Yahoo Groups page often enough to respond to roll calls and tutorials. If you choose Digest mail, remember that attachments — like the graphics — do not show up in Digests.

  8. The Groups page includes resource links, member badges, tutorial archives and other essentials, so be sure to subscribe with "group membership" and not just "list membership."

  9. Have fun! This means that yes, you can post sig tags, other graphics you create, fonts, tubes, "snags", and anything else useful in making graphics. However, please keep all posts under 200Kb for the sake of other member's mailbox limits, and do not post more than 600Kb in one day.

  10. All members can add links, files, photos and calendar entries at the Yahoo Groups page. Please do! If you post tubes, fonts, and other graphics- to-share in Files, they can be downloaded by members any time, without using up anybody's mailbox space, or the list email archive space!

If you have any suggestions for improving the list, send them on in, any time!

Now — Write On!
Anitra, CL PhoenixIntermediatePSP


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