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The Kalliope Webring connects the websites of members of the Kalliope poetry workshop, past and present, allowing us to share our writing and our favorite poetic resources with each other and with the public.

You may enjoy surfing the Kalliope Webring if:

You are welcome to join the Kalliope Webring if:

So that the most visitors can visit the most sites in the ring, I also ask:

If you have any questions about your site's navigation, accessibility, or content qualifications, please write to me. I really want everybody happily splashing around in the pool, and not feeling picked on and left out. I set up these rules after experience with many, many webrings as a member and as a webring owner: they are intended to help us all have an enjoyable experience in the webring, not to keep anyone out.

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What is a Webring?

A webring is a method of linking similar sites.

If you are a websurfer, you do not need to keep backtracking to a link page or search page to find the next site of interest: starting from any one site in a ring, you can click "next" to visit another site on the same subject -- or any of the links in a standard navigation box. The same set of navigation links is found on every site in the ring, so you can't get lost.

If you are a site owner, you do not have to maintain a list of links, adding, changing, and deleting everytime your friends move their sites around the web. Once you install the standardized webring links, webring.org will maintain the record of where those links point to. The network of sites you are linked to expands more and more, and you never have to update your link page!

How Do I Surf the Webring?

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The standard webring navigation links are:

takes you to the previous website in the ring
Previous 5
shows you a list of the previous five websites in the ring
takes you to the next website in the ring
Next 5
shows you a list of the next five websites in the ring
shows you a list of all the websites in the ring (larger rings are listed in pages of 20 sites each)
takes you to a random site in the ring
takes you to the home page of the ring
takes you to a page with instructions on becoming a ring member

How Do I Join the Ring?

Check the criteria for joining the ring. If you feel overwhelmed by all that, but you are a member of the Kalliope list -- apply anyway. Let me see your site and talk it over with you. Let's make the Kalliope library grow, even if we have to knock down a few walls. :)

The next step will be filling out an application form. In the URL entry on this form, enter the page you will put the ring code on. This should be a page with specific poetry (or other creative writing) content, not necessarily the front page of your site.

You must add webring navigation code to your page for it to function as part of the ring. The magic doesn't work without you!

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Regeneration by Jonathon Earl Bowser

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Jonathon Earl Bowser does wonderful renditions of the Muse and other Goddesses.

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the wonderful, incomparable Teri Williams.

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