Kalliope Workshop Standard Exercise Format
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These are the guidelines for writing primers and exercises for the Kalliope Workshop:
  1. Clearly defined objective.
  2. Introduction and explanation of an element of theory: ex. meter, rhyme, the sonnet form, the parody.
  3. Poetry examples of the theory.
  4. An exercise to practice the theory.
  5. Guidelines for critique.
    Critiques do not have to be limited solely to the points listed in the guidelines. Sometimes, though, there may be value to limiting critique to a few key points, if we are trying to get people to do something new and don't want them to knock each other in the head over it. Well-designed critique questions will turn the critique into a learning experience, also.
  6. At the end, there should be some measurable product of the lesson.

In outline form:

Topic Title

Intro, naming the topic and stating the objectives.

Section Title



Exercise : Exercise Title (will go on subject headers)

Ingenious practice of theory

Guidelines for Critique

One or more questions that will focus attention on the elements of theory practiced in the exercise.

Multiple Sections

Sections may be repeated if the topic is complex. Each section, with exercise, should deal with an easily graspable chunk. Warning: When I do exercises with multiple sections, everyone complains. It seems better to break subjects down into individul exercises.

If there is more than one section, there may be a final exercise (with crit guides) at the end, to sum up the topic.

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