A Community for Homeless Youth and Families
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  • Sources for resources: from emergency shelter, food and medical services to jobs, education and housing.
  • The FAQ's on homelessness and homeless youth and families
  • Current news
  • Real stories about real people
  • Telling your own story
  • Spirituality, mental health support, recovery
  • Tools and resources for creative arts
  • Places to post your own words, art and music
  • Tools and resources for building your own virtual turf
  • Resources for parenting & maintaining relationships under stress
  • Conflict resolution
  • Meeting new people
  • Forums, chat rooms, billboards, newsgroups, email lists-- including our own
  • Online activism and local organizing for affordable housing and other long-range solutions to homelessness
  • Free games and entertainment for all ages, on and off the screen
  • "Potlatch" -- browse free gifts and post your own
  • Links & Webrings
  • Add a Link

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