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Articles from Real Change, Seattle's Street-Paper

A Time to Act, Homeless Youth Need Hope and Action. . . Now! (1/98)
A School Bus Stops Here, Homeless Children Benefit from Special School Programs (8/97)
Youth Are Not the Enemy, King County Prosecutors Anti-Youth Proposal Misguided (7/97)
Alive With Pride Queer Youth Find Safety and Acceptance at Lambert House (4/97)
Green Thumbs Community Garden Offers Youth Stability (4/97)
All the World's a Stage, Street Youth Perform in Theater of Liberation (2/97)
"The Partnership Against Youth", U-District Organizer Questions His Allies (11/96)
Special Insert of The Void, a Paper Produced by Homeless Youth (9/96)
Rights Under Fire, Challenge to Becca Victory Expected (9/96)
Dancing Home, Dance Camp Gives Kids Hope (9/96)
Forgotten Voices, Youth Documentary Offers Different Point of View (9/96)
Butter from Water, Program for Haitian Street Youth Runs on Hope (4/96)
Running, Interviews with Seattle Street Youth (3/96)
Playing Politics with Kids' Lives, Becca Amendments Thwarted (3/96)
Our Undeclared War on Children, Are Kids the New Enemy? (3/96)
On Their Own,Seattle's Young Adult Independent Housing Project (1/96)
The Little Blue House, Day Care Center Makes Big Difference to Little People (8/95)
The Problem With "Family Values," A Youth Organizer Takes Exception to Conservative Ideology (6/95)
And They Call It Help, State Unleashes "Psymonstor" on Homeless Youth (6/95)
Becca Bill Misses Point, Homeless Youth Legislation No Real Help (6/95)
Give Us Respect, Homeless Youth Roundtable Discussion (6/95)
Kids' Rights at Risk, Locking Runaways Up Is No Solution to Child Abuse (3/95)
Kids, Courts, and Control, Will the Becca Bill Help Runaways? (3/95)
The Capture and Interrogation of Squatter Recon 3, Poverty Will Make Criminals Of Us All (3/95)
Give Youth A Chance, Religious Leader Calls for Community Support of Homeless Kids (11/94)
Adrift, A Street Minister Reflects on Personal and Social Responsibility (11/94)
Kids' Advice to Parents, How to Keep Your Kids Off the Streets (11/94)
Stormy Thoughts, Kids' Poetry from YouthCare's "House on the Corner" (11/94)
Capitol Punishment, Capitol Hill Youth Say Police Abuse Authority (10/94)
Our Home Broadway, Street Kids Draw Up A List Of Needs and Demands (10/94)
U-District Story, One Girl's Advice (8/94)
News from the Front, Youth Fight a Quiet War for Survival
Movie Review: Gridlock's Addicts Try to Fight Their Way into Treatment (3/97)
Hopping Freights, A Practical Guide for the Uncommon Adventurer (10/96)
Train Tramps, A Trio of Travellers Tell Their Story (9/95)

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