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  • Give any human being five random objects, and she'll make a pattern out of them. That's what the human mind does, create patterns. Anything that has been around for a very long time, experienced by a great many human beings, is going to be intricately patterned indeed. And so the year and its seasons has a traditional pattern, turning in a great wheel, with each major point in the turn associated with its own meaning and myth.
     Groundhog's Day
     February 2

    Spring Equinox
    March 22

    May Day 
    May 1 

    Summer Solstice
    June 22

    Wheel of the Seasons
    Winter Solstice
    December 22

    All Hallow's Eve
    October 31

    Autumn Equinox
    September 22

    August 1

    My Poem Cycle

    Groundhog in the snow
    startled by his shadow.
    Promise him roses.

  • Groundhog Roast

  • Silent white mountain.
    Splash of cardinals feeding.
    I yield my ski run.

    Spring Equinox
  • Awakening

  • Maypoles are symbols
    for that part of human minds
    that gets off on symbols.

    May Day
  • Beltane

  • Trees go down to the water
       like deer.
    Mountains go down to the water
       like bears.

  • Following Memories

  • Hairy pirate guys
    run past me every August.
    I've never caught one.

  • Seafair Haiku ->

  • Thunder in the dark.
    Quiet within your arms.

    Autumn Equinox
  • One Seattle Street, Hold the Musicians

  • Now all threatening shadows
    into warmth and light.

  • Shadow Dancer
  • Lacroix
  • Winter Solstice
    Which has its own intricate patterning. The longest night of the year is also the night that the year turns back toward the light. The emotional significance of this time powers story and ritual in all religions and all cultures. Here are twelve poems from myself and friends at StreetWrites and StreetLife Gallery, celebrating different aspects of this time of year:
    The Twelve Days of Solstice
  • Quantum States of Mary
  • Footsteps
  • Faith, Hope and Charity
  • A Visit from Joe
  • Christmas 1995
  • Winter Solstice
  • An Eye for An Eye ...
  • Merry Christmas
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