Art and Animation by Steve Bennett

They say there is no magic,
or they say
the Magic's gone away.
But I say

when my stomach aches for bread
I know there is bread
If I cannot buy bread
I can make my own.
If I cannot bake
I have friends
who will feed me bread,
share yeast starter
and some flour
to get me going again.

I say that when my lungs
ache for air,
I know it exists-
I have only to open doors,
or clear the block in my throat,
or just remind myself to stop
and breathe.

And I say when I look up at stars
an empty space within my chest
expands and reaches out for something
I have not found for sale yet.
If I never find a friend to share it,
never find the door to open,
if still waiting never brings it-
I'll just have to make my own.


Anitra's Sampler

Art and Animation by Steve Bennett