When Grownups Dance

Grownups get to read
anytime and anywhere,
no one makes them go outside
and get some fresh air.

Grownups get to buy the groceries
and decide what we will eat
except for special times like birthdays
when the menu is our treat.

Grownups could eat asparagus
every single night,
or keep eating avocadoes
till their belly was stretched tight!

Grownups get to stay up late.
Grownups get to holler.
Grownups get to act cross
whenever they wanna.

Grownups get to drink a jug of wine,
not just a little sip.
Grownups do not like to have
people give them lip.

Sometimes you will have to move
'cause people get on Mommy's case.
Sometimes you will have to move
'cause people get in Daddy's face.

When grownups moan and hold their head
you must not make a single sound.
When grownups grin and twirl and dance
you must laugh and jump around.


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