Portrait by Corragio from the Shroud of Turin

Stations of the Cross
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This article was originally printed in Real Change, July 1, 2000, authored by Michele Marchand and Anitra L. Freeman.

The icons for the Jerusalem Stations of the Cross were adapted from the site Saint Alphonsus' Stations of the Cross, where you can learn far more about the traditional Christian Stations.

The photographs of the Seattle Stations 2, 3, 6 and 7 were taken by Don Caplan.

The photograph at Station 4 is from GroundWork Mag, which it links back to.

Photographs at Station 8 and 12 are from the Seattle Times website and link back to the original Seattle Times stories.

The photos at Station 11 are by Erik Castro, linking to a photo-essay at the Real Change website with more of Erik's work.

Station One Station Two Station Three Station Four Station Five Station Six Station Seven Station Eight
Station Nine Station Ten Station Eleven Station Twelve Station Thirteen Station Fourteen Summa Intro

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