Painting from Alphonsus
Seattle Municipal Building
Demonstration at the Seattle Municipal Building
Jerusalem, Station 1:
Jesus is condemned to death.

Seattle, Station 1:
The Municipal Building.

How many people in power wash their hands of the consequences of their own inaction? Seattle has 2,500 shelter beds for 5,500 homeless people. City officials talk about "long-term solutions," but refuse to discuss where people will go tonight for immediate shelter and safety.

"None of us can take responsibility for all the deaths in the world. We can't even keep track of them. Charity begins at home. Take care of yourself, or you can't help anybody else. We all have our own problems. I don't have any spare change. I don't have any spare time. I don't have any spare energy. I don't want to hear any bad news."

"Change takes time. We're doing all we can. Be patient."

"If not me, then who? If not now, then when?"

There is a homeless person sleeping outside in your neighborhood tonight. There are 100 housed people for each homeless person. How much effort from each one of us would it take to give that person shelter?

Station 2
Stations of the Cross: the Spiritual Geography of Homeless People in Seattle