Control of the Web

What you are doing when you create your own webpage is the same thing you are doing when you print your own newsletter, poetry pamphlet, or book on the history of stockings in the Middle Ages. Self-publishing. Which means either further debasing the professional information forum with amateur twaddle, or restoring democracy to the media, depending on your point of view. (Which usually depends on whether you are viewing someone else's webpage, or your own.)

Publishing your own webpage is getting easier and easier, and there are certainly more and more poorly-designed, poorly-written, and poorly-thought-out webpages. Just how many pictures do we need to see of everybody's personal pets, anyway? (Please don't tell my cat I asked this question.)

But there are also more and more increasingly useful websites that enrich all of us.

You can fall into either category you choose -- and to a certain extent the category will depend on the personal tastes of the individual browser, and not on anything you do. You can have the best site on baseball history in the history of the Internet, and to certain personalities it will be a waste of electrons that could have been devoted to the history of bricklaying.

But you can control

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