Control of the Web

Some Beginner's Guides for World Wide Webbing

Patrick Crispen's Internet Roadmap

Patrick Crispen has written an excellent introductory course to the Internet which you can sign up for by email: alternatively, Neil Enns has provided a web-page presentation of the course. Both Patrick's site and Neil's are excellent intros to the Web. An updated version is available at Roadmap96.
On-line internet lessons
offered by the Ann Arbor District Library. The site has good practical help (for using and searching the web, and free email), as well as lots of background information and links to other useful sites.
Internet Literacy Consultants Glossary of Internet Terms
A good starting point; also a useful reference to bookmark.
The World Wide Web Consortium
Learn the history of the Internet, everything else about the Internet, and the future of the Internet. If you ever plan to write a web page, please book mark this site. These are the folks promoting universal standards for HTML.
Earl Roberts of the Tale Wins Literary Agency has an excellent compilation of resources to Build your own web page.
Signpost Information Service is a generous compilation of links on everything, including introductory information.

Or for text browsers:

CCI Computer Dictionary

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