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Welcome to the Activist Art WebRing

A WebRing makes traveling between linked sites even easier. Once you have installed a small block of code links on your webpage, you are linked into a growing number of other sites with similar themes and content -- without ever having to update a link page again. Webring.com takes care of that for you.

The Activist Art webring contains sites that:

Webring is once more independent. You no longer have to join Yahoo to join a webring. If you have not kept up with the migrations, however, you will need to sign up at Webring.com and associate your ring site with your ID before you can edit it.

During the time that Yahoo controlled Webring, I created a Ringsurf alternative for members who refused to associate with Yahoo. Webring is once more independent. The Webring group of sites is much bigger than the Ringsurf group of siites, and Webring makes it easier for me to promote the ring and the sites, so I recommend joining Webring rather than Ringsurf. You still have the option to join the Activist Art Webring at RingSurf, here.

To join the Webring.com Activist Art Webring:

  1. Fill out the information on your site here.
  2. Email me to take a look at your page. I will let you know within one week if your site fits into the Activist Art webring, or if I have reservations. If I have concerns I will try to work them out with you. See above for the kind of thing I'm looking for.
  3. Once I let you know that your page qualifies to join the ring, you still need to add the ring code before you become an active member.
    Javascript navigation box
    If you have joined the same page to other webrings and already installed a Javascript navigation bar, you don't have to do it again. The Activist Art webring navigation will be automatically added to your nav bar.
    If you do not yet have a navigation bar on your page, sign in at the Webring homepage to get it. Detailed instructions.
    HTML code
    The Javascript navigation bar is invisible in text browsers and older graphic browsers that do not run Javascript. Full accessibility and bridging the digital divide is a social justice issue with me. Therefore I used to ask members to post an HTML version of the navbar instead of, or in addtion to, the Javascript. Now, however, Webring provides an alternative link for visitors whose browsers don't do Javascript. You may still use the HTML version of the code. But if you put the javascript on your page once, you can add any number of rings to that page without adding any more code. And if I make changes to the navbar, they are automagically reflected on your page with no effort by you.

Email me if you have any questions or problems.

Members Area

If your webpage address or any other site information (including your email address) changes, please update your entry! The magic of webring cannot work without your help.

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The Safe Viewing List

The Activist Art ring is and always will be uncensored. Some artists and writers choose to display their message in graphic language and shocking images. But while I believe in the right to feedom of speech, I also believe in the right to freedom of choice. It is especially important to me that abuse survivors have a way to protect themselves from possibly traumatic triggers. I therefore have a list-within-a-list, Activist Art member sites that contain no material that could reasonably be expected to trigger an abuse survivor.

The Activist Art Webring Safe Viewing List

If you want your site added to this list, please write to me.

The All-Member Link List

Webrings are easier to maintain than link lists, but are not spidered by search engines and therefore do not increase the "popularity" rating (the number of listed sites linked to you) that some search engines use to rank their listings. Therefore, to further boost our sites and to make it easier to find folks whether they are on Webring or Ringsurf, I have compiled a link list of all sites.

The site descriptions on this list are taken directly from the webring entries, so if you would like a better description, update your webring info!

RingSurf Application

Submit a site to Activist Art Net Ring at RingSurf
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The webpage where you will display the webring code
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Words that someone may link on when looking for the contents on your site. Do not include whole sentences or common words like "the" or "of".
Site Description:
This is the description that visitors will see in the ring list. Make it pull them in!


Edit RingSurf Member Information

Remember -- webring magic only works with your help. If your website address, email address or any other information changes, use the form below to edit your webring entry. That's all you have to do to stay linked in to the entire webring -- but if you don't do that, we'll lose you!

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