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StreetWrites Online Open Mic by alf1701
  An open web forum where you can post with HTML formatted messages, images, music, or anything else. Come on in, have a Virtual Coffee, and step up to the mic!
International Understanding by globalunderstanding
  This online community was founded as a place where people from all over the world can get together, exchange ideas and, most importantly, learn from each other. Subjects discussed include culture, languages, philosophy, the arts, music and everyday life around the world. A very active group.
::fReEdOm:: the poetry and diary of a former prisoner by pencilartist
  Can't figure out why the money keeps slipping through your fingers? Why you can only seem to do the dirty girls and not a real woman? Do you sometimes wonder if you were better off back in jail? Read.
Destined to Fail - Pinback Buttons by jamesm2
  Digitally crafted artwork and social policy messages on functional pinback buttons. Unique and controversial statements seek to display the complexeties of social problems with simple graphics and rhetorical yet logical "sound bites." Activist's paraphanelia. Also: Ahteism art/buttons explain non-belief, non-theology.
Professor Foster's Office Hours by mfoster
  This site, named for the theme of my act, presents me as a college sociology professor, my day job, in dialogue with my students (knee figures). Ventriloquism, here, is a vehicle for presenting a multi-religious liberation theology & radical sociology of religions. The discussions, instructional & comedic, focus on the oppressions - including race, class, & gender - & on their gradual elimination.
Singing Bears: A Home for Activist Art by anitra2001
  Home page of the Activist Art WebRing; a community page for connecting those using creative art to transform the world.
A Play On Words Productions
  A Brand New Theatre Troupe on Long Island dedicated to creating and producing completely original dramatic works.
Songs for Social Change
  Songs for Social Change (SFSC) is a network linking Los Angeles-based topical songwriters with one another, with performing artists, and with activist organizations. SFSC provides a social and organizational context for songwriters dedicated to promoting positive social change with their music. Workshops, concerts, and benefit performances are some of the activities carried out by
Icelandic words of wisdom 13 by jonaruna
  This site contains some of the written works of Jona Runa Kvaran, a known Icelandic writer and psychic. Everything on the site is completely free of charge and it's main purpose is to enhance people loving and positive attitudes. The material on the site is for example poetry, humour, psychic phenomena, speculations, positive articles and letters.
The Home of The Watermelon Poet by deej73
  Lots of poetry and essays by an Australian anarchist. The page is usually updated at least once a month and is growing slowly but surely.
Enough! journey through art activism by heatherbirdsongart
  Enough! is a website created by the artist, Heather Birdsong, to showcase her art and spread its message of awareness of human rights violations globally. She specifically deals with a humanist view of feminism and American culture. Some of her images and essays may be triggers for victims of abuse.
Found Object Sculpture by Rene Hinds by rhindsarts2001
  Found Object Sculpture, both whimsical and function, which depicts living presences through the use of the debris of American culture.
Puppeteers' Cooperative Home Page
  68 Ways to Make Really Big Puppets and A Patternbook for Pageants and
The Zone
  These pages are dedicated to the people; their HOPES, DREAMS, and DESIRES for creating a world without oppression and exploitation; a world where slavery won't be accepted in ANY form.
StreetLife Gallery by alf1701
  An innovative program, StreetLife Gallery in Seattle Washington is a self-managed working art gallery that provides work space, display space and materials for homeless and low-income artists. It is creativity that gives us our heart and our strength.
The Oil Paintings of Isabel Rooney by isabelrooney
  Original Oil Paintings about spousal abuse, childhood during the Great Depression, the homeless, Earth: Our Mother, and much more.
Art from the Streets by virgiemae
  Creative art from spirits on the street.
La Chica's Krib
  Just a page about me and my interests. Links to educating and enlightening activist pages, also links to hip-hop and latin pages.
The NAIADES Coven by naiades
  A Los Angeles Satiric Improvisational Nudist InterneTheater!
ThE HoB GoBLiN's GaRdEn by the_pooka
  Original Poetry, Story Boards, and Mystical, Musical and Beautiful. Calling all Poets Bards and Singers of Song to com and join the dance and make merry magick!!
StreetWrites Workshop for Writers in the Margins
  Webpage publications of the StreetWrites workshop of homeless and low-income writers. Our mission is both to increase our skills and to increase the voice of the marginalized.
Paintings by MartynLacey
  A site to visually probe,an insight into the oddity of the human race,and of artists who have struggled against the tide of so called reason and truth.
James S. Huggins' Refrigerator Door by wazillions_of_ugly_navbars
  James S. Huggins is an eclectic professional speaker, author & technologist. His personal site, the Refrigerator Door, features the information, stories and humor that interest him. It also features one of the net's most extensive information resources on webrings and webring systems. Not only does it include a dedicated humor section, it features humor throughout the site, even on the legal disclosure page.
Rainbow Circle Forum
  Howdy, we're trying to construct a forum, devoted to Truth, that will satisfy everyone... In the meantime, we're trying to ascertain whether hyper-links may be helpful, to determine the validity of individual perception of how WE got HERE. Follow the current trail and you might be the one to find the missing link that will bring everyone to ==> understanding.
Pluto's World Friendship Tour! by tattoopluto
  Inspiring positive attitude sight. Irish and Thai artists circumnavigating the world ona Russian Sidecar rig. Peace and Love through Art!
Autoartisticanniballistic by draegath
  My art is about hedonist art, thats what Autoartisticanniballistic means. High speed bombastic art that creates itself in a sensational and freeing manner. I create my art to satisfy myself. My art in its turn consumes me within its raging torrents of emotion.
Organelle: Cognitive activism for Terrestrial Hope. by osium
  Organelle is a revolutionary organization dedicated to answering personal, cultural and ecological rape with Cognitive Activism. This activism comprises a miraculous system of scalar learning which we've discovered (in infants and animals) and are teaching and sharing with activists around the world, in many domains of endeavor and rescue.
Webrings of all Prison-related internet sites! by pm
  Webrings of all Prison-related internet sites. All Prison and prison ministry related Internat webrings on one page.
Anitra L. Freeman: Creative Writing & Resources by anitra2001
  Hundreds of pages of poems, stories, essays, advice on writing and getting published, and collaborative projects including Activist Art, StreetWrites workshop for homeless and low-income writers, and the North American Street Newspaper Association.
US Union: 1999 Art Showcase
  I'm a 20 year male socialist painter living in the Tri-State Area. I paint on canvas, paper and wood with oil, pastels, acrylic and with any other meida. My art work depicts social behavior(s) in or involving American culture. The main idea in my work is that Americans seam to share the
The Last Wizards by lastwiza
  "My political opinions lean more and more to anarchy..." wrote J.R.R. Tolkien. The Last Wizards features original articles and fiction of an environmental, occult, political, philosophical and technological nature - the crossroads of anarchist luddites, nomadic free-thinkers, old mages and singularity awed hackers.
Anitra Freeman: My Webrings, and Webring Help by anitra2001
  My site is the front door to a growing number of websites I have created or co-created, on homeless shelters, police brutality, art and poetry workshops, books, humor ... I have created or adopted 18-and-growing rings on all of those subjects, and compiled help information on the new Webring system.
FUROR -- a UK based collective by beth_granter
  Gig reviews, book reviews, political writings, club reviews, artwork, links, opinions, discussion board, t-shirt design. Add your own stuff, anything welcome along alternative theme. Thinking punk, rock, indie, peace, animal rights, human wrongs, travel, skating, revolution, left wing radical, spiritual, women's literature, love, sexuality and science.
Elwyn Plays by elwyn1963
  Gay plays and poetry ... some rather disturbing. I'm trying, in one play for example, AN UNMARKED STONE, to understand connections between pedophelia and abuse as a child and the onset of adult male homosexuality.
blue puppet theatre by unclescam
  political puppets for the 1 percent. do it in the road, buskers unit.
David Baldinger's Red Ink by davidbdr
  Editorial cartoons for Reds and leftists everywhere! Also some t-shirt designs.
Out Create the Destroyers
  October22x3 is an organizing site for Seattle's activities in support of October 22nd, the national day of protest to stop police brutality, repression, and the criminalization of a generation. We display art, poetry and other creative work to celebrate humanity and its triumph over all forms of institutional brutality.
Pointea's Page
  My personal webspace and global change activist center.
Hulda Ros - Rings 22 by hulda2002
  personal page with alot of content
Tree Speaking by lytespirit
  Do you have "ears" to hear what our brothers and sisters, the trees, are saying? Winter Storms damage their beauty. Information on Fall preparation, and repair after the storm. Original poetry.
Aborted Society
  The homepage of Aborted Society Records, includes information on anarchism, underground punk music, links to several artwork sites, literature and also includes a free E-Zine
Global Leadership: please take part in it ! by weltschmied
  Use Global Leadership to find the deeper truth, the right way, and guide humanity to its peaceful destiny. Here you find out why violence trickles down, why wealth evaporates up, and how you can change that.
the primordial buzzchat by jboulw
  A weekly dose of alternative social and political satire on a global scale - wild photo creations and cartoons augment the hard-biting humor - get 'em Bushdog!
Protest Against Ariel Sharon and Israeli Racism by glowmaid
  Protest against Israeli racism by revoking your Jewishness (if you are Jewish), or protest anyway because you are a pacifist. The murder of innocent Palestinians will never solve the problem Israel has got itself stuck in. The only solution is to remove the retired-terrorist Ariel Sharon.
Kosh Joins The Priesthood by jrgreenmd
  Babylon 5's Vorlon Ambassador Kosh joins the Catholic priesthood to fill in for defrocked priests.
New Leaf
  New Leaf plants small original paintings in public places to spread a message of fun & good will. Finders are welcome to keep their Leafs. Over 2,500 New Leafs have been planted on 7 continents. The New Leaf Millennium Project will distribute 2,000 New Leafs world-wide in January.
Spiritualution Black and White Photography Exhibit
  Spiritualution Black and White Photography Exhibit for Global Change by bcweber2002
  The Healing Spirit of Art, Science and the Creative Process - Dr. Brett Curtis Weber is an American born artist and neuroscientist whose paintings are shown in galleries internationally. Dr. Weber's artwork reflects his own personal journey towards self-discovery & healing. He includes words with his art to suggest some of the thoughts each piece brought to mind after creation.
Poetry In Revolt- Anarchist and Radical Writings
  This site contains an archive of Anarchist/radical poets. An Interactive Poetry Project. Activist Info. Articles discussions! Abolish the creative elite!
blue puppet theatre by unclescam
  puppet shows for the one percent. busker cadre. by ivoselder
  presentation of films, photography, sound-design and mixed-media by Dutch artist/filmmaker Ivo Selder. (media galleries; real-audio/video, film-stills and photography).

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