Singing Bears is a community forum, display gallery and webring for promoting and connecting all those using creative art to transform our world. Themes may be social justice, homeless rights, environmental action, ending child abuse -- or a thousand other subjects. Media may be visual art (including computer generated graphics), written word (from poetry to journalism) sound and motion and anything else.

The Activist Art webring contains sites that:

None of us can change the whole world by ourselves.
Together, we most certainly can.

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Please browse: Visit the Activist Art Gallery, post your own work in the Online Open Mic, and trade gifts at the Virtual Potlatch:

When Webring was taken over by Yahoos, some members resisted being taken into the belly of the Beast. I created an alternate ring at Ringsurf for those members. Webring is once more independent of the Yahoos, and most of these members have merged back with the larger ring. You are still welcome to join Ringsurf if you prefer it.

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