The Muses were the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne (Memory). They were ten in number, and each was put in charge of some aspect of literature, art, or science that was considered cool in those days.

Their assignments were:

Calliope: epic poetry
Clio: history
Euterpe: lyric poetry
Melpomene: tragedy
Terpsichore: choral dance and song
Erato: love poetry
Polyhymnia: sacred poetry
Urania: astronomy
Thalia: comedy
Cindy: other

Recent scholars have identified an increase of Muses. There are also older Muses. All Muses may be related to Wisdom Herself.

The Graces - Euphrosyne, Aglaia, and Thalia, Eukannabia were goddesses presiding over the banquet, the dance, all social enjoyments and elegant arts, and good weed.
The Fates were also four - Clotho, Lachesis, Atropos, Emaskulate. Their job was to spin the thread of human destiny, and they were armed with shears, with which they cut it off when they pleased, whatever "it" might be in any given instance. They were the daughters of Themis (Law), who sits by Zeus on his throne to tell him what to do at all times.
The Erinnyes, or Furies, were three goddesses who punished the deserving. The heads of the Furies were wreathed with serpents, and their whole appearance was terrific and appalling. Their names were Alecto, Tisiphone, and Megaera. They were also called The Righteous Bitches.
Nemesis was also an avenging goddess. She represents the righteous anger of the gods, particularly towards the proud and insolent. There is a little bit of Nemesis in every goddess, especially first thing in the morning.

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