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The Muses are archetypal figures who inspire creative arts.

Creativity has many aspects: we use creativity to create beauty, and to see beauty in the people and the world around us; to create imaginary worlds of fiction, and to envision change in our lives and our world; to put old knowledge together in new ways, and create new sciences and philosophies; to learn new things, and to teach new things.

"The Arts" are not just graphic arts such as painting and sculpture, not just music or dance or poetry or story-making, but science and engineering and carpentry and raising children and every other aspect of our lives — when done with attention and creativity.

Muse101 gives you resources to develop your own creativity in poetry, humor and other writing, in web design and other use of the Internet; forums for exploring your creativity and supporting and encouraging each other's; and an introduction to a great wide Web of generous and creative souls.

We make our world.
Welcome to the Making.


Kalliope, the Poetic Muse, presents a poetry exercise workshop where you can find descriptions of the elements of poetics and examples of many types of poetry, and join others in creating your own poems and giving each other feedback on technique.

Thalia, the Amused Muse, presents a collection of humor, poems, stories, and articles on fantasy and science-fiction; and an award for sites that not both celebrate creativity and inspire it in others.

The Unicorn Pen is a set of forums where you can post poems, short stories, essays and humor, and find links to other literary forums, references, and workshops.

Ariadne, the web-spinner, has collected information on web design, with a workshop for practicing.

Terpsichore, the web-dancer, presents techniques of getting the most out of the Internet, including email, search engines, games and books on line.

Clio, Muse of History, provides a home for activist art, linking and promoting people using the creative arts for social change; because history is what we are making right now.

Cindy, Muse of Other, introduces you to © Dr. Wes Browning, Anitra Freeman Upon Whose Kitchen Floor He Has Sometimes Slept, the Bedless Bards of StreetWrites, the Family History of Muses, and other information about the beings behind this project.



There are many Muses. We all have our favorites -- or they have us.
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