Tears Come In Every Color


Tears come in every color
All around the world,
Red, yellow, brown, white. . .
We all cry the same

In every city every state,
Lonely blue happy sad,
We all cry. . .
We all bleed

what's in the color of skin,
We all share emotions we are all the same
In every corner around this colorful world.

A cry for peace maybe even more
A cry for a little more compassion.
A tear for pain
Starvation, homelessness, loss.

What is a color
but something that has become a wall
That must be broken through.
That holds us back from
Understanding culture
In every race around the world.
Let's not build walls
Let's knock some down inside. . .
Why stop there.

PEACE. . .


© Belinda Springer, aka Storm


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