Pink Embers


Pink embers in the night sky leave traces of blue
In the silence of night the solitude of thought flows
Through the blank lines upon a page.
Words written begin to take flight
leaving pink embers shooting across the night sky
Through traces of blue that still remain.
The memories of who is, and who is not, left behind.

Leaving pink embers to rise with all that's new
Through pages to be filled through lives rewritten
words thought about in solitude.
Pink embers shoot across the night sky
With a little girl inside of these words written
by the hand of a woman.

The words are only seconds old,
The writer a mother, a woman,
thirty-three years of age.
Feeling like a child at play
If only while flowing with the words upon a page
That have more to hold than traces of blue.


© Belinda Springer, aka Storm


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