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Seattle's workshop for homeless and low-income writers. Puget Sound theme poetry.

Puget Sound Theme Poetry

Puget Sound Writers Resources
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StreetWrites Recommends

Current Events


FolkLife Festival
Northwest FolkLife Festival 2001 is Memorial Day Weekend, at the Seattle Center.

* Bookstores

Pacific Northwest Used Bookstore Guide

Seattle Used Bookstore Guide

IndependentReader.com: Independent bookstores online

Powells Books, the Portland landmark, online

Our favorites in Seattle:

LLoyd's rent was raised and he's moving out to Aurora. He'll be operating out of his home for awhile. email lloydsbks@earthlink.net.

one of the organizers of the 1997 Poetry Circus
7 Mercer
Seattle WA 98109
(206) 282-7687

one of the sponsors of the 1998 Seattle Poetry Festival
1013 E Pike
(206) 325-5401
e-mail: pistil@speakeasy.org
M-TH 10-10 F/SAT 10-MIDNITE, SUN 10-8

Our favorite non-used-bookstores:

Elliott Bay Books 101 S Main St
Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 624-6600

They have a large local interest section, a staff that loves books, they participate in local events like Bookfest, and they have many nationally known writers come to read at the store, often for free. Including StreetWrites.

Revolution Books
1833 Nagle Place
Seattle WA 98122
(206) 325-7415

A radical collective, Revolution Books carries our chapbooks and has been very supportive of WHEEL, Real Change, and StreetWrites.

OPEN BOOKS: A Poetry Emporium
2414 -N 45th
Seattle WA 98103
(206) 633-0811

Open Books is very supportive of all local poets. They hold the current record of StreetWrites chapbooks sold. :)

M Coy Books
117 Pine Street
Seattle WA 98101
(206) 623-5354
Have a cup from us. books, magazines, espresso and pastries

Lloyd sent me down there one day when he didn't have the book I was trying to find, himself. M Coy carries not only major magazines, but local zines; and anyplace you can drink coffee while reading a book is a Good Place. Or, at least, a very Seattle Place.

Here is a strong recommendation for Bailey Coy Books.

Did we mention the Northwest Bookfest?

If you are at all interested in books, you can't miss this two-day literary festival on the Seattle waterfront. Readings, discussions, booths from all the literary venues of the Northwest, and books, books, books, books, books ...

Don't miss the StreetWrites panel on October 21st 3:45PM-5PM

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Locate Your Next Artist's Date

Uh-uh. Updating your website doesn't count as an Artist's Date. Not even finishing your next chapter counts as an Artist's Date. An Artist's Date (named by Julie Cameron) is one time a week you take off and do something that inspires and nourishes you as an artist. It may be getting outdoors, vistiting an art museum, or roller-skating, but it should be different than what you do every day.

And we're supposed to be writing and updating our websites every day, aren't we? :)

Some places to look for your next artist's date: Seattle Sidewalk.com

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* Open Mics


StreetWrites Open Mic

Every 2nd and 4th Sunday Noon-3PM
2129 Second Avenue (& Blanchard) No cover
October 8: Book Release Party for Drive-By Writing, the third StreetWrites anthology


Red Sky Poetry Theatre

Every Sunday 8PM (Signup 7:30PM)
Globe Cafe
1531 14th Avenue
Seattle's longest-established poetry venue. An older crowd, with many published poets, very warm and supportive atmosphere. Good food from poet and baker Robin Schultz, and one of the largest collections of chapbooks for sale in the city. It's a large crowd, so readings are usually limited to one poem, not over three minutes long. Everyone is asked to donate $2, so that Red Sky can continue their radical practice of actually paying their Featured Readers (and guest musicians). You too may be a Featured Reader someday -- donate freely!


Salon Productions, featured readers and an open mic, all ages.

ISBN, Every Monday, Signup 7:30, reading starts at 8. Habitat Espresso 202 Broadway East. Contact James Newman/Salon Productions, salon@speakeasy.org

Homeland, Every Tuesday, Signup 7:30, reading starts at 8. Globe Cafe 1531 14th Avenue.

665, Every Thursday, Signup 7:30, reading starts at 8. Four Angels Cafe 1400 14th Ave. at Union. Contact Sarah Sharp or James Newman, Salon Productions, salon@speakeasy.org

Seven minutes per reader. A young crowd, with a lot of experimental and adventurous poetry. A very encouraging atmosphere. For more information, please call 264-5139 or email salon@speakeasy.org


Seattle Poetry Slam

Every Wednesday 9PM
Dutch Ned's
206 First Avenue (at Washington)
Your choice to sign up for either the Open Mic or the Open Slam. Three minute time limit on either one, but if you do well you can get on stage for more rounds in the Slam. $3 cover charge, but you could win it back in the Slam.
Format is: musician, short open mike, musician, featured poet, slam. Performer's note: the musician, the featured poet and the slam winner get paid.
Contact: Allison Durazzi, (206) 890-2641, seaslam@rocketmail.com
See the Slamnation video


It's About Time Writer's Reading Series
beginning and experienced writers read from their work

2nd Thursday, 6:30 - 8:30 pm
January 13, 2000 - December 14, 2000
Seattle Public Library, 5009 Roosevelt Way NE
Wheelchair accessible by arrangement. (206) 684-4063
Open mic precedes and follows scheduled readers. Free. For more information call Esther Altshul Helfgott (206) 527-8875 or email her at eahealfgott@aol.com


Verbal Tea

3rd Fridays
At Solstice on University Ave in the U District
run by Mikhael Moore


Basement Nation

3rd & Yesler (Prefontaine Building)


The Poetry Experience

Langston Hughes Cultural Arts Center
run by Rajnii Eddins
2 Mondays each month


SPLAB, the Northwest SPokenword LAB, is an Auburn-based organization that has many creative workshops and open reading events.


Real 2 Reel is a series sponsored by 11th Hour Productions.

"Every second Tuesday of the month, we send a buzz through the Speakeasy Internet Café with an evening of live performance and literary film. Readers include seasoned and new performers from the traditional literary community, plus poets representing other artistic disciplines, such as theater, hip-hop, and rock."
The Speakeasy is located at 2304 - 2nd Avenue in the Belltown neighborhood of downtown Seattle. The show starts at 7:30 pm ($5 cover).


Check out current events at Richard Hugo House


Bainbridge Island Calendar of Arts and Cultural Events


Point No Point has an Events calendar also. It hasn't been updated in awhile, but most of the venues have contact numbers for current information.


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* Workshops

StreetWrites workshop for homeless and low-income writers. Group workshops at several different times of the week; individual assistance also available. Word processing and desktop publishing equipment is available for use, with instruction to help you use it.

Seattle is home to the annual workshop for writers preparing for professional careers in science fiction and fantasy, Clarion West.

Writers Cramp is a writers group that has been meeting in West Seattle for a number of years.

"Our focus is science fiction and fantasy, but we are open to exploring and helping with virtually every other form of fiction. Our members include Clarion West graduates and a winner of the Writers of the Future Contest."

The Seattle Writers Association is a local Seattle group that meets monthly.

The Northwest Christian Writers Association is a Seattle area writers group that meets once a month through the school year. They also publish a newsletter called the NW Christian Author.

Tacoma Chapter Romance Writers of America
Contact: Teresa Norman, President
PO Box 14073
Tumwater, WA 98511-4073
Or: E-mail from Website
Meets: University Place Branch, Pierce County Library
3605 Bridgeport Way W.
Third Monday, 7:00 p.m. (except July/August)
Website: http://www.tacomarwa.8m.com/

Western Washington Writers meet in Olympia; "dedicated to helping South Sound writers achieve their literary goals."

Oregon Writers Colony has a diversity of workshops and seminars hosted by top writers and other talents.

The Willamette Writers is a group meeting in Portland, Oregon.

The Canadian Romance Writers Network is open to all Canadian writers published in the romance genre.

The Federation of British Columbia Writers "is the voice of writers in British Columbia - supporting, developing, and educating writers; and fostering a community for writing throughout the province."

Mystery Writers of Northern California have an extensive webpage of resources.

San Francisco Bay Area Writers Groups is an extensive listing of other local groups in that area.

The Six Foot Ferret Writers Group has a website of information for anyone interested in setting up their own writers group.

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* Other Resources

* Richard Hugo House

* Point No Point and the Applied Poetics Laboratory

* If you haven't been lucky enough to visit with Vonda McIntyre in person, you can find her helpful, insightful and iconoclastic spirit at Vonda N. McIntyre's Stripped-Down Souped-Up Vehicle Revving on the Verge of the Information Superhighway

* Kalliope, a poetry workshop based on original exercises; archives at the site; lists of poetry resources.

* StreetWrites Recommended Online Writers Workshops and Writers Webrings

* Links to more writers resources.

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Open Mics, Workshops, Classes, Bookstores, Events ...
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ACTUAL WRITING ~ StreetWrites about Seattle

Time is a machine.
Space is a distance between.
Sunset at Alki.
~~ Barbara Mosely

Seattle Jabberwalk by Anitra L. Freeman

Peter and I at the Ballard Locks by Anitra L. Freeman

Mother Escapes by Anitra L. Freeman

Project Equinox Poem by Anitra L. Freeman

Hairy pirate guys
run past my window every summer.
I've never caught one.
~~ Anitra L. Freeman

Street Artist by Storm

Homeless Women's Prayer by Storm, with art by Ako

Dirty Rotten Lowdown Homeless in Seattle Blues by Storm

            "*Elizabeth*", by Cindy

          Trees outnumber *Elizabeth*
     Clouds   blossom      Streets    carpet
   Locks    harbor       Walls     garden
Glass     pictures     Steel  poses
Lamps fountain    Stones nurture
   surround and defend....

~~Cindy, Wes Browning's Muse

Project Equinox Poem by Wes Browning

TOPS written by Pete McInerney, Wes Browing, and Stan Burriss

The Tire Iron Incident by Wes Browning

A West Seattle Fare by Wes Browning

The Montlake Landfill Story by Wes Browning

Overheard in the Men's Room of the OK Hotel During the Seattle Poetry Slam
by Wes Browning

Blackbird hangs in wind
Motionless among snowflakes.
~~ Wes Browning

Buffalo Dreams/Survivors by Cynthia Ozimek

Seattle Morn by Michael G. Sloan

Other Faith by Stan Burriss

Drunk staggers under the carapace of glass and metal
I watch through the stained window
as a leaf drifts and scrapes on the brick wall
I walk to the pier, leaning on the rail;
green waves become symmetrical ferns in cedar.
Across the bay wisps of white on the mountains
linger like words on the tongues of my elders.
A sea gull caws.
My cigarette faintly hisses in the water.

Earle Thompson
11 June 1993

Genesis by Earle Thompson

Exodus by Earle Thompson

A Grandfather's Legend: Coyote's Making of the Stars by Earle Thompson

Interrupted Journey

Living in the House of Change

Other Washington Poems from Project Equinox

Seattle Images for Webpage Graphics

If you know of other events or resources we should include, please email us.

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