Homeless Memorials

This page has been created as a memorial to all people who have died while homeless, faceless and invisible.

Here in Seattle, Washington, women from the homeless women's organizing group WHEEL, the homeless women's ministry Church of Mary Magdalene, and the community, join in a one-hour silent vigil dressed in black whenever someone homeless dies alone outside in King County. Someone in the community often writes an obituary article in the Real Change, Seattle's street newspaper. These obituaries, and news of the vigils, will also be listed here.

A Guestbook is provided for you to enter the name and the story of anyone that you want to remember. Anywhere. Homelessness is a world-wide crisis.

Honor our dead.

And honor our living.

If you visit this page, please take a moment to pray,
in whatever your own faith or ceremony,
that no-one will ever die homeless again.

December 21, 2002 is National Homeless Memorial Day

Please post notice of events in your community in our Guestbook.


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