Nothing Much to Say


        The world seems cruel
          in the face of pain.
        A suffocation of silences.
        When if we tried to speak
          we would scream,
         then we are silent.
        When what we feel
          fills our throat
          then we are silent.
        When what we should feel
          is not what we do feel,
          then we are silent.
        When we don't feel
          and we don't know how
          then we are silent.

        People die curled around their pain
          unable to say what hurts.
        We cannot find the words
          to make it right.
        Helpless to help,
          we turn away.

        Nothing much to say...


        When an artist dies
          what can you say
          to equal the art
          that's gone out of the world?


        Rub someone's shoulders.
        Drink gingerale. Eat pizza.
        Make more art.

        What else can you do?

In honor of Boyd McLaughlin 11/3/95
And all of the others. 10/20/97

Anitra Freeman

This page has been created as a memorial to all people who have died while homeless, faceless and invisible.

If you visit this page, please take a moment to pray, in whatever your own faith or ceremony,
that no-one will ever die homeless again.

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