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"Bedless Bards", the first StreetWrites anthology

24 pages
16 Poets
Two Bucks

Not just another chapbook.


"I think poetry and prose are like the orange and yellow in a jumbo box of Crayolas as there's poetry and prose and prose poetry and poetic prose and prosish poetry and strange things with odd names like rants and chants and marigold and corn and it's fun to lay them all out, arrange them according to different rules making them change gradually from left to right in various ways, then to lay them out randomly and see what kind of effect it creates, then to try blending them together and then it's fun to start all over and pretend it's all new."

-- © Dr. Wes Browning

Our first chapbook focuses on poetry -- a full spectrum of poetry. You can order from Real Change, 2129 Second Avenue Seattle WA 98121, or purchase from a Real Change vendor.


Cover art is from the Real Change April 1996 issue: StreetLife artists Ken Miller and Wes Browning rendering Picasso. Layout was done by the Real Change Director, Editor God, and Pagemaker Guru Tim Harris. The StreetWrites Editorial Committee for this effort was Anitra Freeman, Ruth A. Fox and Storm. Printing was done by LazerQuick at 105 Yesler. Booklets were folded, stapled (and hopefully not mutilated) by hand, by workshop members. 

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