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For humans, what we believe is what we are. An assault on our beliefs feels like an assault on our beingness, our survival.

Unfortunately, many well-meaning people stage just such an assault upon the self-hood of people in physical need. "If you believed as I do, then your life would be good, like mine." And homelessness, with the tragedies that lead into it and the traumas that flow out of it, can certainly try any faith. It is also difficult to practice some religions while homeless -- Nichiren-Shoshu Buddism, Islam or Judaism, for example.

These links are provided to help you find and maintain your own spiritual turf. I am trying real hard here not to display any bias or coercion, so if you detect any, please cut me some slack and just let it roll on by you. :)

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Religious tolerance as a human right
Religious resources on the Web
including African, Buddhist, Christian, Confucian, Hindu, Islamic, Jewish, Shinto, Sikh, Taoist
Gentle Christian Mothers -- Christian Attachment Parenting Christian Punk, Industrial, Goth and Ska Music
The Jewish Webring JewishYouth.com and IdeaNet
An internet resource for everyone who works with Jewish youth.
Jewish Mysticism Baha'i Virtual Library
with forum and chat rooms
Muslims Against Domestic Violence Islam - The Modern Religion
Buddhist Reading Room Gays for God
Faith-related resources for sexual minorities and their families
Unitarian Universalist Association Bridges Across the Divide
Interfaith forum on religion and homosexuality.
Mysticism & Philoshophy Spiritual healing & Mysticism
Pagan Profiles Wiccan Circle

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