Homeless Empowerment Community

Every site on this wall was created by homeless or formerly homeless, low-income people involved in grassroots empowerment efforts -- programs in which the people being benefitted design and manage the project. I have also included sites created by homeless or low-income webmasters that contain significant content about homelessness.

There is a growing homeless presence on the Web. This is a door into that community. Welcome.

MA-NH Not Dead Yet:  American Disabled for Attendant Programs Today StreetWrites Workshop for Writing Out of the Margins SHARE: Seattle Housing and Resource Effort BunkHouse Self-Managed Shelter Greg Kaiser's Forum for Ecological and Economic Justice C.O.P.P. Inc. Under the Bridge Tedrico's Page: Homelessness Resource Links STREETVIEWS The Poor People's Guide Poems from Street Level Homeless on the Internet Dee Southard Homeless Discussion List Homeless People's Network My Journey John's Berkeley Page 

More detail about these and other homeless homes on the Web. If you have an empowerment site to add to the wall, email Anitra. If you don't have a button, I'm willing to make one for you.